Sunday, December 07, 2014

Holiday Traditions

Tis' the Season! For mincemeat, and pine trees, or holly and mistletoe. Or Hallmark movies, or eggnog, or menorahs or latkes, or whatever your holiday tradition happens to be. Some people can't prepare for the holiday without It's a Wonderful Life. Others would rather eat a dozen fruitcakes than endure one viewing of the film classic (it is a bit of a downer, to be honest! Poor George Bailey...). I've read about the Italian La Befana before Epiphany. En France, some celebrate with a bûche de Noël.  I love to hear about holiday traditions, big or small, cultural or confined to one household. In my town, a brass band plays during the Christmas tree lighting and all the lampposts are decked with garlands. It does make me feel like I've walked into a winter wonderland.

Which holiday traditions do you love during the lead-up to Christmas?

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