Wednesday, January 07, 2015

A Series of Fortunate Events


Notice a trend in the photo above? They're all books by the delightful and talented Lisa Kleypas. I've not yet read her contemporary fiction, but I'm a big fan of her historicals. Three of the four novels in that photo are from her highly popular Wallflowers series, which I've recently reread and enjoyed. A good series of books is like a bouquet bundle: each flower is lovely; bound together they're a fragrant bouquet.

Which brings me to the topic of series fiction in general. Something that's important to me as a writer is to make sure that each piece I write is a complete work unto itself, capable of being read as a stand-alone piece, even if it does connect to a larger series. A Chance for Moonlight accomplishes this. It's a novella with three couples, and each couple gets a complete story arc with a beginning, middle and end.

One of the delightful things about writing A Chance for Moonlight, though, was learning about the world that these characters inhabited: their past histories, their future endeavors. The end of the book was the end of the book, the story was whole and complete. But I could see other stories for some of these characters, adventures that would take place outside Manhattan. If you do choose to read A Chance for Moonlight, and if you do enjoy it, I'm happy to say that I plan on publishing two more books that tie into this world. I've not yet added them to the list of upcoming books on my 'books by Ella' tab, but one will be published in the spring, and the other will be available in the summer.

Equally exciting is my February release, a historical romance entitled The Many Lies of Baron Selgrove. But that is over a month away, and A Chance for Moonlight is right around the corner January 10th! (We're on day three of my five day blog marathon, are you tired of hearing me talk about this yet? ;-) )

Thanks for checking out my work, I look forward to sharing this with all of you.

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