Thursday, January 08, 2015

Bright Lights, Big City

Any guesses what the image above is? It's the underside of an illuminated theater marquee. That familiar phrase 'seeing your name up in lights' of course connects to the theater tradition of illuminated marquees. I discovered illuminated signage in New York's theater district dates back to the 1880s, when advertising with arc lamps gained prominence. Supposedly the familiar nickname for Broadway, the Great White Way, originated because the electric marquees installed at the end of the 19th Century were so vibrant compared to the darker blocks surrounding them. I can imagine how fantastically bright those signs would be for a culture more familiar with the gas lamp.

Why am I discussing theater lights? One of the characters in A Chance for Moonlight (Beryl) has a connection with the New York theater world. The character's connection to that is a complicated one, but her appreciation for her creative outlet is clear. It's wonderful that in a world of youtube, and streaming movies, 3-D films and instant content, people still come to the theater to watch the work of artists and writers come alive onstage!
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