Sunday, January 04, 2015


In this case, the D is for Deadline ;-)

I had a lovely book as a small child called A Is for Annabelle by Tasha Tudor. The words were paired with delicate little pencil drawings, each page had lovely rhymes to help children learn the alphabet-- A is for Annabel, B is for Box, etc. 

For the past few months I couldn't help but feel as if the 'd' in my life stood for deadlines. They've been the best sort of deadlines, of course. I have a series of works I plan to publish in 2015, the first of which is a contemporary inspirational romance novella. It will be available for 1.99 on Amazon on January 10th, EST. The novella is titled A Chance for Moonlight. Those of you who have read a short story I posted some months ago, Better Than A Cup, will have read the book's very first chapter. Catch the book blurb below:

Spring brings change, especially in bustling Manhattan. Downtown, a cheerful pastry cook charms the reticent soldier next door. Uptown, a young heiress with a complicated past weighs a courtship with a handsome baseball player. In Midtown, a married couple learns the sparks that come with building a life together. One city and three couples bind this sweet novella together. Discover the delight of Manhattan at night with Ella Dement's debut contemporary inspirational romance.

Every day leading up to the 10th, I'll be posting a blog post that ties into A Chance for Moonlight.

It's a sweet novella, and a nice way to start off the New Year. Also, at 1.99 it's less than you'd spend on two candy bars, and instead of having two empty wrappers at the end, this you get to keep!

I can't wait to share my work with all of you. Watch this spot in the coming week and look for the book on sale

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