Monday, January 05, 2015

The Shoes Have It

“Yes, but what kind of shoes?”
Katalin stared blankly at her cousin. “I don't get it.”

Thalia huffed, snatching the spatula from Katalin's hand. “You can tell a lot about someone's date night expectations based on shoe choice. Are you wearing heels for him?"
~Quote from A Chance for Moonlight, by Ella Dement

Shoes are a revelatory aspect of personality. The shoes in the picture above are cute, but they wouldn't be Katalin's choice in footwear. Katalin, who's a baker in A Chance for Moonlight, would have a closet full of flats, along with some kitten heels. These are fitting choices for a character who spends hours standing on her feet, cooking every day. Katalin isn't a high heels and fancy dresses type of heroine. Thalia, the piece's second heroine, opts for business suits. Her shoes would be stylish enough for a press conference, but also useful enough to walk down crowded city blocks. Beryl, an heiress and Moonlight's third heroine, would have any dress style you could think of. She'd also have boxes of tasteful shoes collected during trips to Europe, as well as fun, extravagant pieces that she'd found in the East Village and Chinatown.
Are you a fan of fancy shoes, or do you prefer comfort over style? If you'd like to read about the adventures of Beryl, Thalia and Katalin and the three men who capture their hearts, look for A Chance for Moonlight, $1.99 on Amazon January 10th!


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