Sunday, February 22, 2015

Nearer and Nearer...

Oh my, February is flying by!

Perhaps not for everyone, though. Maybe you're still buried in snow, buffeted by wind, and stuck with a thermometer hovering at zero. Boston residents, you have my sympathies!

We are getting closer and closer to Spring. If you've read my past posts, you'll notice my goal was to publish The Many Lies of Baron Selgrove on February 28th. Late-stage editorial revisions have caused a delay on the project, though, so it seems I won't be sharing it as soon as I'd hoped! The mysterious Baron Selgrove will have to wait for his time in the sun. I'll be sure to post again whenever it's ready. C'est la vie!

In the meantime, I have plenty of other exciting works ready in my queue for the next few months. A Chance for Sparks is still on tap for a May publication, and A Chance for Vows should be out in July. In A Chance for Sparks, you'll get to read how Thalia and Bram fell in love in Europe, and also about the slow bloom of James and Beryl's love for one another. In the book that follows it, A Chance for Vows, you'll see James and Beryl building a future, including Beryl's first journey to the American heartland, Indiana. There may be a fourth book in the series in 2016, one featuring more of a spotlight on Katalin and Joe (you'll have glimpses of them in the other books as well), but I'm holding off on solidifying that. Mostly it will depend on reader demand. If not, A Chance for Vows will serve as the series wrap-up.

And if you're still waiting to get caught up on A Chance for Moonlight, feel free to catch it here: A Chance for Moonlight

Meanwhile, I want to close with a shout-out of thanks to all the talented bloggers who've posted about the book.

Cindy Loven did a lovely spotlight:

Sally Shupe wrote a wonderfully kind and complimentary review of the book:

And Iola very generously allowed me to be in her 'Friday Fifteen' book list:

A thousand thanks to Sally, Iola and Cindy! Thank you so very much, ladies!

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