Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sunday sweets, writing season

Are you enjoying snow or sunlight on your Valentine's Day? There's snow where I am, and pale sunlight. As we make our way through February, I hope you're enjoying all of the winter season's rare charms:  hot cocoa, ice skating, winter sports, and plenty of cozy spots to curl up and read.

We've been cooking in our kitchen on St. Valentine's Day. Today's special: freshly baked brownies. Because if you can't eat chocolate on Valentine's day, when can you eat it? I hope your Valentine's day is equally sweet!

On the topic of sweet things, I've been hard at work on the Chances series, namely A Chance for Sparks. The book should be ready for you this spring. As indicated in my past posts, A Chance for Sparks serves as a prequel to A Chance for Moonlight. It will show Beryl and James' first steps toward falling in love, as well as more of Thalia and Bram.

The crux of A Chance for Sparks, however, is Beryl and James. Delving into Beryl's backstory meant exploring the complications of her past. This experience will be touched on in A Chance for Vows as well (the sequel to A Chance for Moonlight), but in some ways the most difficult part of Beryl's journey comes in A Chance for Sparks. Slowly, haltingly, she learns to trust James, even when she's walled herself off from trust itself.

I hope you will enjoy A Chance for Sparks, I look forward to sharing it with you. I think their journey is a poignant one. If any of you kind readers leave a comment about it in the space below, I'll even offer an excerpt of  A Chance for Sparks in my next blog post!

And lastly, for those of you who have yet to read A Chance for Moonlight, it will available for free purchase tomorrow, Monday the 15th of February, on Amazon! Click here on Monday! A Chance for Moonlight

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