Sunday, April 17, 2016

Happy Sunday, readers!

From time to time, I am lucky enough to visit a historic home. Inside that historic home is a room brimming with books. The four walls in that room---from floor to to ceiling---are covered with bookshelves. Each bookshelf is filled with books. It's a true home library, the type I've always dreamed of.
My household was lucky enough to have been gifted a handful of these books.

I was skimming through one such book today, and thought I would share some pictures.

The beads are my own. The book--Holy Communion: Invitation and Simple Preparation by Fidelis"

 If my google research is to be believed, than it's a Church of England Communion preparation book.

In the center of the booklet was this little couplet, still a hymn today:

This is still true: we do have to 'Dare to be' Daniels.  It takes courage to stand for a belief, especially now. I suppose it always been the case, otherwise our Bibles wouldn't be quite so full of solitary people standing against a crowd of popular opinion. How lucky we are to have Jesus standing with us!

I hope your Sunday's brought with it with sunshine, and the promise of Spring!

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