Monday, April 18, 2016

It might be Monday, but...

A Monday full of labor seems reason enough to indulge a little. My indulgences: a classic novel re-read (Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier) and a cup of tea.  Every once and awhile it's also nice to reacquaint myself with the charms of my favorite local Chateau:

Yes, my chateau is a replica. 

This teacup was inspired by the work of Clarice Cliff. If Wikipedia is accurate, Ms. Cliff took to painting pottery at the tender age of 13. Apparently, she approached the task with diligence and ambition. This focus, paired with the unexpected popularity of a simple enamel pattern called 'Bizarre', helped push her work into the cultural zeitgeist of the 1930s. 

The cup is a fun companion while visiting Daphne Du Maurier's brooding Max De Winter, and his stately Manderley, both a product of 1930s England. I'll close with a quote from Rebecca:

"All I remember is the feel of the leather seats, the texture of the map upon my knee, its frayed edges, its worn seams, and how one day, looking at the clock, I thought to myself, "This moment now, at twenty past eleven, this must never be lost," and I shut my eyes to make the experience more lasting. When I opened my eyes we were by a bend in the road, and a peasant girl in a black shawl waved to us; I can see her now, her dusty skirt, her gleaming, friendly smile, and in a second we had passed the bend and could see her no more. Already she belonged to the past, she was only a memory."
Source: Du Maurier, D. (1938). Rebecca. NY, NY: Avon Books

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